I’ve got to be Crazy!: Should I Really Buy a Used Airplane?

Really, I should have my head examined!

Why would anybody in their right mind think it’s a good idea to buy an airplane? Let’s be honest, it makes zero practical sense to own an airplane unless you can sincerely point to a tangible need say, for example, for business travel. But then, the practical reality isn’t the point, is it? It’s really just about FLYING after all!

I don’t remember where I saw it. I think I ran across it during my own personal existential why-would-a-sane-person-buy-a-plane crises but some guy was talking about freedom. Yeah, I know “freedom” is a bit of a cliche these days and probably has outstayed its welcome but yeah, that’s it. What we’re really putting our finger on is the freedom to roam around in a really kick-ass and aesthetically satisfying way at least that’s the conclusion I’ve settled into.

I think this guy, schlepping his family round in his modest yet enviable Cirrus SR20 very much captures that to which I identify and aspire!

So armed with some “woo-woo” Taoist insight regarding the existential WHY I want an airplane, I’m able to start the process of divide and conquer along the battle lines that form on this adventure. I want to avoid turning this adventure into a full-fledged novel and with that being the case, I’ll break it into small, digestible chunks over several posts. To set the stage and give a bit of a preview say that this has been a really twisty-turvy ride and I’ve learned A TON about the process and the emotions that will inevitably consume anyone that embarks on this type of journey!

Until we meet again, here are some websites I found helpful during the course of my personal research:

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